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Tuesday, 26 August 2008
Memory Eraser
Mood:  happy
Topic: Writing

Memory Eraser


“What dates are you seeking to eliminate?”


“You can do only certain dates?”

“We can do better than that. We can eliminate selected memories.”


“How does it work? Will it hurt?”


“It is a multi step process. First we scan your memory banks. From this we print out a list and also give you the data on a flashdrive. We make a second appointment at which we eliminate the memories you have checked, after committee approval. It’s all in the brochure. On your last visit in the series, we do a final scan and you verify the work. At that point we do one last scan and instill good memories where the bad ones were.”


Me’Er’s Inc, otherwise known as memory erasers incorporated, developed a painless method of locating and erasing bad and painful memories. Memory mapping has come a long way. On the first scan, all the memories are tagged and a memory information file is created and put on a flashdrive for the customer. A printed checklist is also provided.


On the second visit, a meeting is set up with the team of psychologists and a team leader that performs the actual procedure. Only after receiving a positive concurrence from this prodigious team of experts can the customer continue.


The original memory mapping is time consuming. To ease the customer’s anxiety, there is a meter visible that tracks the scans progress. The interview with the team is exhaustive and thorough. The last two scans are quick. To ensure the customer’s emotional health, a follow-up interview is scheduled for six months later.


One other feature offered is lifetime storage of the erased memories. Many, in fact, most, customer’s thought this was a useless idea. It was explained that often good can come from bad. Just in case a future reference to this memory is needed, they are put in long-term storage. This procedure came out of a meeting with an anger management committee.


The actual equipment was relatively inexpensive but the long-term storage devices costs were adding up. It took some creative financial management to make it cost effective for the customer. As it turned out, their methods helped to build a strong customer base. To offset costs there is a low monthly surcharge for the long-term storage. With this solid financial footing and strong customer base, Me’Er’s is poised for a long, successful future.

Posted by theessaywriter at 1:26 PM CDT
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Monday, 14 July 2008
Mood:  hug me
Topic: Writing



The American language is one of the most confusing. One word can have several different meanings, depending on the context in which it is being used. To complicate matters, a word can change in meaning when spoken because of vocal inflections. A good example in written language is the word ‘mean’. To ask for a definition, one asks, “What do you mean?” To say someone is not nice, “He is so mean to me.” but one can say someone is good at something as in, “She plays a mean game of pool.”


Four words, when written mean on thing but can change drastically when spoken. Again, these are also context driven and can be interpreted both ways if properly extrapolated. Tell someone in words, “I love you too” and you probably are returning a sentimental emotion. Tell someone that during a pool game and your vocal inflections Imply sarcasm. In other words, you’re telling your opponent thanks for not giving you anything to shoot at.


It is very easy to read a word, a sentence and give it the wrong meaning. How often do we fall into the trap of sadness or anger when reading someone else’s words only to find out it was read incorrectly? How often do we hurt others by not saying something clearly?


That is only part of the problem. We often read things between the lines or alter the meaning of a phrase based on our personal background or by knowing the writer of those words. We see a definition and we get sad or angry with whomever penned the phrase. Yet by simply asking for clarification, we could save ourselves a lot of emotional turmoil. We don’t because in our mind, we read what we thought the other person meant.


Misunderstanding the words of others can be a painful lesson on both sides. One must learn to write in such a way that this situation is avoided. It is not easy. We must learn to choose our words carefully.

Posted by theessaywriter at 8:22 PM CDT
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Tuesday, 8 July 2008
The Words We Live By
Mood:  happy
Topic: Writing

The Words We Live By


It is by the words of others that we live or die. It is the words of the Bible that gives us our morality. From the poets we find romance and our politicians give us the word of law. But, we must ask ourselves, what are these words, really? Do we heed the words of the Bible and slay our enemies? Do we let the poets lament soothe our ravaged heart? Is the word of the law set in stone?


These are the words we have, but must they be all there is? We as humans have the power to change the words, to reshape our world, with the words we use. We must choose our words not for how we hear but to fit well into the ears of others. We must write of truths that cannot be heard as lies. Our words of love must not throw spears of hate. We write of law, but are we seeking injustice?


The words we use must be simple enough for all to understand. The structures of our sentences must be uncontroversial. Do we say love, but display fear? The picture we paint with the words of our minds must display the purity of our heart. We are the owners of these words, but we must give of them freely.


As sentient beings we function physically based upon the sounds around us. The only sound with more power than the words we hear is the silence of the ones we don’t. Go not silently into the darkness, but use the words of truth to bring on the light. Our words are our life. Let us use them wisely.

Posted by theessaywriter at 1:17 PM CDT
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Mood:  happy
Topic: Writing



The question most often asked of writers is why, why write? It’s a simple question and often gets even simpler answers.


1.     To get money

2.     I have something to say and I want others to see it.

3.     I write because I cannot not write.


These are fluff answers. There is no substance. Let me see if I can put some content into the void. Let me remove the air and put verbiage in its place. I write because I have to. It’s an addiction, really, much like coffee or cigarettes. I have to write because it clogs up the mental pathways and distracts me from doing anything. Right now I can pen this article because the files and folders in my mental filing cabinet are neatly arranged and not in need of visibility. But should my muse, my internal voice, make notes and scribble a few sentences or pages and throw it out on the floor of my internal office, then I have to stop what I’m doing and write it out, in some form or another.


I don’t have any social wrongs that need to be righted. Nor do I have any earthshaking novels that must be read. But, I have stories, even books that must leave the mental office and find a new home on some form of paper, either physical or ethereal. Nothing I write is of much importance, but it is my words. The neural highways and byways that are my brain are too often clogged with the next story or part of a book. To be able to think, to function, these must be put some other place.


I see the world from a skewered viewpoint at times. Some of the pieces I have coined make little sense but a laugh or two can be generated from them. None will see what I put on paper save one, but that’s fine. I don’t write for the world. I write for me. Had I the mindset of Steinbeck or Hemningway, maybe others would be interested but it makes no difference. I have a keyboard and a storage device. I need nothing else. I no longer need vindication of my ability. All I need now is a few minutes to remove the words and free my mind for the more mundane parts of my existence.

Posted by theessaywriter at 1:10 PM CDT
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