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Saturday, 30 August 2008
To help
Mood:  happy
Topic: uplifting



A four-letter word. Can it be done? Is it really possible to care enough to do the impossible? What does that word really imply? Is it just the physical presence of one such as an aide? Or is there more to it. Let’s find out.


An aide has certain assignments, and little more. A visit, a job done and it’s time to leave. But the help of someone who truly cares goes quite beyond the basics. To add love to the concept of help, is to add sugar to the lemons life hands us. While to the one receiving the help it is extra work for the giver. But to the one offering help coated with love, it is a divine pleasure.


With money one can have an aide.

Help offered with love has no price.

Posted by theessaywriter at 12:00 AM CDT
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Saturday, 23 August 2008
How to Treat a Lady
Mood:  happy
Topic: uplifting

How to Treat a Lady


Now, coming from me this will seem a bit odd. I’m not really a cold fish but my actions in the past said otherwise. There were, at the time, many issues. All of these have been cleared up. I honestly do prefer being close. I love hugs. What happened and why doesn’t matter because what I am writing below are my true beliefs.


All women are ladies. Some are just a bit rough around the edges. But even they deserve respect because respect given is respect returned. Respect is not however, gender specific. It’s amazing the world that opens up with please and thank you. A simple act of opening a door often earns a thank you or a smile.


Let’s look at some of the basics and misconceptions. At the top of the list and paramount, housework is NOT women’s work. You live there, help. If you don’t know how to do something, ask politely. You don’t know how to cook? Either do the dishes or learn basic skills. She will teach you. Ask her how she does laundry, then help. You bought her that sexy outfit, now learn how to hang it up or what drawer it goes in.


For the woman of your dreams, wife or girlfriend, learn to give gentle hugs. A loving touch does wonders. She’s working around the house? Step up behind her and give her a quick hug and tell her how you feel but make it something positive. Hug her whenever you can. Show her you really care. I learned this lesson the hard way. I made a vow to never not give all the hugs I can. Now if that isn’t a convoluted sentence! Hug her often!


Probably the most important lesson to learn is listen, then talk. She has things to say that are important. Her day is stressful and busy also. Share equally the events that transpire away from each other. Everything she has to say is just as important as what you do, listen to her. You might be surprised and actually learn something. Whatever you do, do not underestimate or put down the women in your life. They are as much a part of this world as you.


I could go on and write a book about this (maybe I will), but these are the basics. I’ve made many of these mistakes and I’ve learned from them. Use this as a guide. It really will make your life better.

Posted by theessaywriter at 1:53 PM CDT
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Biting the Bullet
Mood:  happy
Topic: uplifting

Biting the Bullet


Some things in life are more important than others. All that is truly important in my life is sealed with a promise. Each of these is, at the very least, an oath between God and myself. I have recently made several promises and these will be kept. I finally wised up and listened to a very intelligent expert. But now, one more promise. This will be the most difficult.


I promise to quit smoking.

Posted by theessaywriter at 1:41 PM CDT
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A Tribute to Three Greats
Mood:  happy
Topic: uplifting

A Tribute to Three Greats


Writing can be a tough career choice. But when you have help, it does go a bit easier. This will be short, but these three really deserve all the accolades they can get.


We’ll start with one that seems to always be going. You’d think that eventually there would be an end! At least laying down at night seems to help because first thing in the morning our first candidate is ready to go.


Number two on the list is all over the place. The variety of output never ceases to amaze me. I often wonder when candidate two will ever put a cap on the work. All the words flow out like the colors of the rainbow.


On the list at position three is a character quite unlike any other. Where do the ideas come from? There must be a miniature file cabinet in there someplace. The output is prodigious! Daily you see something coming out of candidate three.


There you have it my three tributes without which my writing career would hardly exist. Yes, it’s true. I need candidate one, my legal pads, but it takes candidate two, my pens to bring out the words and candidate three, JP, my stuffed, lavender puppy that is my muse personified.

Posted by theessaywriter at 12:58 AM CDT
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Friday, 22 August 2008
An Explanation
Mood:  happy
Topic: uplifting

I must put this in to explain much of what I have written. Whether the writing is good or bad, is irrrelevant. The purpose of many of these most recent posts was cathartic. I needed the emotional release. I am sorry for the negativity, but I had to get it out of my system.

The post below this one is the first of what will only be positive posts from this point forward. Again, accept my apology for the negativity.



Posted by theessaywriter at 2:15 PM CDT
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A Writer's view
Mood:  happy
Topic: uplifting

A Writers View


My very survival has always depended on the words I use. The sharpest attacks, the most vicious blows could be deflected. I needed no pen for I learned early the art of verbal repartee. Putting the words to a more permanent and visual form, on paper, was never considered. A writer? Me? Not likely.


I have read Dickens and Hemmingway. The books of Steinbeck I devoured. I am not in that league. I wrote but one lengthy treatise in college. It fared quite well. I wrote a story and it was enjoyed by one person. A Writer? That takes talent.


Talent. How ironic. The words that were my survival and strength are my talent. I put pen to paper less than three years ago. I shared them over the Internet. I learned from the experts, the talented authors that I am indeed a writer. I’ve heard from the best, Joyce Anthony (author of Storm), Marvin Wilson (I romanced the Stone, Owen Fiddler), and so many more that would take a book to list. I learned that not only am I a writer, but a good one at that.


I am on the verge of making my name known in the writing world. You see above a pair of excellent writers. Each is different in style. My way is unique to me. I’ve never had the confidence I need. But I also have some great people that have believed in me. I now have the confidence to believe in myself. With that confidence, I move forward. I can do it.

Posted by theessaywriter at 2:14 PM CDT
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Sunday, 17 August 2008
Self Esteem
Mood:  happy
Topic: uplifting

Self Esteem


“I am worthless. I’ve been around a long time and look what I have to show for it, nothing. I’m surprised my mirror hasn’t shattered from my ugliness. I am as dumb as a pile of rocks.”


Does this sound familiar? Do you hear yourself saying this? I did. But the bottom line is, you’re wrong. You may be right about being around a long time, but the rest of that statement is total rubbish.


If you have children and friends, you have accomplished something. No friends? Would you want to be around someone who is always negative like that? I didn’t think so. Look at what you are good at and put your focus there.


You’re ugly? Who says so? You? Don’t listen to the low opinions from others. You are good looking. You may not be model material but good looking nonetheless,


How dumb are you? If you can read, you can learn. Read, talk to others, but learn. Do not let your intelligence or lack of it, bring you down.


Look at yourself closely. Yes, there are some parts that aren’t the greatest, but forget about them. Put those out of your mind. Only focus on what there is about you that is good. If it’s hard, then just start with the little things and work up. You can do it, and you must!

Posted by theessaywriter at 2:01 PM CDT
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Sunday, 10 August 2008
The Paths We Follow
Mood:  happy
Topic: uplifting

The Paths we Follow


Our trail through life opens the day we are born. We start in a clearing. The route ahead looks clear. As we age, a few stones trip us yet we endure. We look back at this point with wonder. It is but our youth and missteps are expected. We continue forward.


Early adulthood brings us to our first choice of paths. No route is charted. There is no map. We look ahead. Do we select the one that is the brightest? Or does the more foreboding promise more excitement? What guidelines do we use? Are there paths in sight but not accessible?


We move forward. We are young. Caution is just a word, not a form to exercise. We make choices. Some are simple while others are life changing. Look, a career path beckons. A fork up ahead, one branch to romance, the other not.


We look ahead and take stock of our choices. Brambles crown the path of singleness. The path of romance is lined with roses. Do we opt for the quick and easy? We cannot see beyond the brambles and the curves obscure much of the path of love. Our choice seems obvious but if we’re wrong, there is no going back to take the other path.


Roses die, lives change. Time continues in its forward motion. The path turns to gravel. Potholes grow as the route becomes steeper. It is our road alone yet parallels our mate. Will our paths converge or branch beyond reach? The sands in the hourglass continue to fall.


The middle years have arrived. Is our career stable? Did the roses bloom again or did they morph into thistles? There is still time to rescue our life. Careers can change. How many forks did we follow? We get lost in the forest of choices. Did we give up and seek the old and familiar? Did we push ahead and cut away the underbrush of doubt? This is not the time of reflection. Now is the time to forge our platform of our declining years. The calendar pages turn.


We face the mirror that shows our life. As we turn, the aches of time make their presence known. We have made it to here. Have our loves outweighed our regrets? Look closely at the mirror. It is a map. It is the path we followed.

Posted by theessaywriter at 8:36 PM CDT
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Thursday, 7 August 2008
Home Schooling
Mood:  happy
Topic: uplifting

Home Schooling


“Kids must go to and graduate from, some form of public education.” This was my long held opinion. I saw the need for social interaction, but more important, I saw no other way to get that coveted high school diploma. You quit school you can get a GED, but by going all the way through high school you earn the diploma.


I spent decades believing this. Wow! I could not have been more wrong! The school environment is not for everyone. In some cases, this is the absolute worst place for a child to be. But what do we doe with these types of children? Do we just throw them away? Should they be institutionalized? Both answers are no. These children do not belong in a school type environment for a reason.


There are the few children that need to be in a hospital type environment because of strong medical needs. But they are not the ones being discussed here. Children with emotional needs, such as ADD/ADHD and Bipolar are the primary subjects. If the child is correctly diagnosed early enough and on medication set to the right dosages, then a school environment could work. This rarely if ever happens. So the only good solution is home schooling. Statistics show that for the most part, theses children have above average intelligence.


First, what home schooling is not. There is no set schedule, such as it starts at eight in the morning and each class is forty minutes long. It is not for the nine months like a regular school, nor do various instructors come into the home to teach. Not all home schooling is done the same way.


Then just what is home schooling? Again, not everyone does it the same way. Let’s use one example to illustrate the principle. In the bookcase are the traditional books used by schools. After the student wakes up, mom has some of the books set out on an agreed work area. Each lesson for the day may take an hour or it may be done in a few minutes. There is no set time limits, nor is it just Monday through Friday. Other lessons, reading and math, for instance, are spread out throughout the day. Regular visits to the library and helping the student select appropriate books facilitate reading. Games help with the math.


Other subjects like science are often taught on nature walks or with specific and safe experiments. A lot of the learning is done invisibly. Trips, the computer, and talking with mom and others add enormously to the student’s information intake. Now all mom has to do is tell the school board that her child has passed all the subjects for a particular grade? It’s an idyllic situation, but not true. At specified intervals the students work has to be saved and then turned into school authorities. Then the student must also be tested for proficiency for that grade level, before advancing.

Posted by theessaywriter at 11:28 AM CDT
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Wednesday, 16 July 2008
Rainbow Dreams
Mood:  blue
Topic: uplifting

Rainbow Dreams


The kaleidoscope turns and a picture emerges. It is a place you’ve been to before but there is something different. You follow a familiar path. But things aren’t quite the way they should be. You seeing a life you once had, but under better or worse conditions. As you walk the path you see how a few simple changes could have altered your destiny. Upon awakening, do you remember the changes needed to help you lead a better life?


Another nigh, another turn of the kaleidoscope. You find yourself meandering through an enchanted crystal forest. Which part are you playing? The princess looks for her prince charming. You are the white knight setting off to free the land of dragons. The scene shift and you are the prince. Go stealthily for the wicked Queen is out to prevent you from meeting your future wife.


Another turn, another…. Blackness!!! Then suddenly a flash followed by the deafening sounds of explosions. You find yourself in a war zone! Don’t move until you see where you are. Does anything look familiar? Have you been here before? This is not a dream, it is a nightmare. Find a safe place and ride it out.


It’s getting close to bedtime. Watch something funny, or read a good book. Prepare yourself for what the next turn brings. Listen, the stones are falling in place. Where will it take you tonight?


Look, you have a choice of paths, each a different color.


The closest path is red. What exciting adventure will we find waiting? Rose petals line the way. Look! A cardinal. He’s not afraid of you. Hold out your hand. See? He’s not heavy. Listen. He’s talking to you. This is not an ordinary path. Even the scent of cherry blossoms is there. The path is narrowing. As the cardinal flies away, step off this path and return via the orange one.


Aha! This is the home of the tiger lilies. An orange and black cloud is just ahead. Slowly step forward. It’s not a cloud but is instead thousands of monarch butterflies! They were providing cover for an orange furred stuffed teddy bear sitting on a pumpkin. In front of you, is that a tiger leading you to the end of the path? Time to go the other way again.


Uh oh. Grab your shades. This one is bright. Daffodils and carnations lead you down this lemon-scented path. Careful! Don’t step on the ducklings. Is that a windmill? No, it’s a sunflower. Hold out your arm. The canaries span the entire length. An arrow is pointing to the end. Now that is different. A beeline of bees!


A field of mown grass awaits you. Trod gently upon the soft texture. Croak! There are many little frogs in the grass. Even the little grass snakes seem friendly. Hear that? Up ahead, yes, it’s a parakeet. He likes to sit on your shoulders. The grass is getting thinner. You’re approaching the end.


Step cautiously it looks wet. Ah, a calm sea you can walk on. No dampness but it looks like it should be. Your path is lined with bluebells. Blue jays and bluebirds are circling overhead, occasionally scooping up a blueberry. You would like this cloudless sky to go on forever but the end is in sight. Step now into…


The endless night. Jupiter rules this indigo path. This then is the path of serenity. On this indigo slice of the palette we expect the twinkling of stars and see none. A martin flutters up in front of you. Under and around your feet roll Concord grapes. It is almost surreal. The scene is of the night, yet your vision is as clear as the brightest of days. It is in this dazed state you approach either morning or the end of this path.


Upon your first step on the next path the aroma of lilacs beckons you. You have entered an oasis of violet beauty. As you silently walk, the slow waving of a butterflies gossamer wings tickle your ear. Mexican heather borders the path. Pansies, petunias, and African violets abound. But alas, the end of your sojourn approaches.


Another turn of the   kaleidoscope is coming into view. But this is not a scene. It’s a mirror. Use this to reflect back on your travels. Things aren’t always crystal clear. Nor are they so forbidding to only cloak themselves in black. Your world, your life is multicolored. Go forth through your days with the memories, the sights, sounds and feel of Rainbow dreams.

Posted by theessaywriter at 7:20 PM CDT
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